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Happiness protects our Health

10/5/2015 From Spiegel online:

Did you know that positive emotions do have an impact on biochemical processes in our body?

People who regularly experience feelings of joy, happiness and wellbeing are proven to have a more stabile heart rhythm and carry less risk to suffer a stroke or heart attack.

Happy people’s immune systems are better equipped for defending the body against inflammatory processes.

Latest research results even show: changes on a cellular level go together with emotional changes!

What attitudes and behaviour can support our wellbeing?

Highlighting your strength rather than criticizing yourself constantly makes you feel better about yourself.

Also positive, supportive social contacts make happy, so does being autonomous.

People who are actively contributing to a community, are feeling better about themselves and thereby happier.

Most people know what makes them feel better, but just as important is to count and plan moments of happiness. This is about training ourselves in perceiving positive moments and collecting them on a daily basis.

One study suggests that on a daily basis one negative event should be compensated by three positive moments. In a couples relationship the relation should even be 1:5!

US psychologist Carol Ryff, a pioneer researcher in the area of mental wellbeing and happiness, counts also actively creating your life and environment, as well as personal growth, as important pillars for mental and physical health.

Research carried out at the University of California suggests that even our genes are influenced by happiness. In a study the genes of unhappy, depressed people were analysed and compared to those of happy people. The amazing finds: In lonely people many inflammatory genes were active. In other words:

Good friendships protect us from inflammatory illness!

What is really important for feeling happy is to “build what’s strong”. Whatever strong and good characteristics you are born with: use those whenever and wherever you can. This makes you feel good and contributes to happiness and health.

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